About Us


     Lavon Cobb started this business in 1979 and incorporated as L. Cobb Construction, Inc. in 1985.  Owned by Lavon and Linda Cobb, the company has achieved steady growth over the past thirty-nine years.  L Cobb Construction, Inc. has a dynamic team complementing one another; Lavon leads the company with his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership abilities and Linda’s high company standards, attention to detail and administrative expertise. Clay Cobb, the COO of L. Cobb Construction, Inc., oversees the estimating, scheduling and day-to-day operations of every project for  L. Cobb construction, Inc. Lavon and Clay both have current Certified General Contractor Licenses (CGC). Clay also maintains a Certified Underground and Excavating Contractor License (CUC).  L. Cobb Construction is a Christian company, standing on high morals, good ethics, and integrity. 
     L. Cobb Construction, Inc. has a dynamic team of in-house personnel, including project managers, project superintendents, foremen, concrete and carpentry crews, as well as an accomplished administrative and operations staff.  L. Cobb Construction, Inc. maintains good working relationships with its employees, subcontractors, material suppliers, building departments, agencies, affiliates, and clients, treating them with integrity, honesty and Christian principles.